Decorative accents and exterior trim can add interest to any home. USA Construction Company, Inc. offers a variety of products to fit your needs and to complement your home’s exterior.

Vinyl Cladding

We offer vinyl cladding that will resist moisture, temperature change, UV light and insects better than traditional wood trim. Vinyl cladding increases the durability of the trim on your home, in addition to minimizing the maintenance required to keep your home looking its best.

Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC, a solid extruded material, has added benefits of low thermal expansion and it is low-maintenance. There are a variety of styles and colors that can be matched to complement the siding on your home.

Fiber Cement Trim

Fiber cement trim is another durable product that is resistant to many of the issues that homeowners come across with their existing trim. Fiber cement trim is engineered to resist rotting, cracking and warping, as well as termites and mildew. This product is good for areas that experience a range of seasons and temperature changes – it will not warp as a result of variances in weather.