USA Construction Company is proud to be authorized by virtually every roofing system manufacturer to perform repairs under warranty. If you require work and a roof manufacturer cannot recommend a repair company in your area, call the Service Department at USA Construction  and we can usually arrange temporary authorization to help get your repairs started as soon as possible.

Gutters & Downspouts

Keeping water out of your building with a quality roof choice and installation is just step one of the equation; what do you do with the water? At USA Construction, we can make sure the water is routed off the roof and away from the building – safely and efficiently. Our expert sheet metal craftsmen will provide a solution that is effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Copings

USA Construction Company, Inc. has craftsmen who will combine the best in moisture protection with sheet metal components that dazzle. Edge treatments are arguably the most important part of the building envelope. They provide a transition between systems and in many cases are the top of the aesthetic view.

Because we’re experts in the entire exterior construction, we can tie the edge conditions together with expertise.